Mobile Fisheries Log
Mofi is a mobile app for tracking and registering fishing operations, catches and bycatches. It serves as a digital logbook for fishers to record fishing activities for compliance purposes.
Mofi replaces traditional pen and paper fish log to improve data accuracy, data traceability and to reduce the manual efforts required by the fishers. It is mostly applied when a vessel does not have a full REM system while needing to be compliant.
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Key Features of Mofi
Flexibility - administrator controls the information to be collected per vessel. It is easily configurable with a scheme.
Auto logging - geographical location, course, speed, and gear activities of a fishing trip are automatically logged every minute throughout a trip.
Restricted area control - fisher is warned when a vessel is too close to the border of a restricted fishing area.
Catch, bycatch, and discard logging - catch, bycatch and discard can be registered in Mofi with assisted species selection. Mofi also supports registering of catching endangered species in collaboration with MSC.
Near-real-time ping - vessel location data is updated on-shore every 15 minutes. Control officers have an overview of all vessel positions at a given time. Immediate control actions can be taken if required.
Bluetooth trigger - Mofi connects to Bluetooth hardware which serves as a button to register gear activities in wet conditions where a mobile phone is less usable. 
Analysis - Data is collected and stored in the Anchor Labs database, where controllers can use the Black Box Analyzer Client to view and analyze the log data. 
Multilingual - Mofi’s user interface can support any language, currently available in Danish, Dutch, English, German, Swedish, and Spanish. 
Trip & Gear Control
The user interface is designed to be as simple as possible for the fisher to avoid fishing process disruption. There are only four buttons to control the trip and gear activities.
  • Begin trip
  • End trip
  • Start set/get gear
  • Start/end heave gear
Live Map View
After starting the trip, Mofi begins to record position and gear activity data. The visual multicolor trip path can be seen on the Map view.
  • Black - sailing path
  • Red - setting gear activity
  • Blue - Heaving gear
  • Red circle - current location
Map view also visualizes saved catch, discard, and bycatch positions as well as POIs (point of interest - location data with comment and/or image file).
Catch Registration
Mofi supports catch, discard, and bycatch (endangered) species registration forms. Available forms can be easily added or removed as required for each use case.
Date, time, and location values are filled in automatically but can be manually edited if necessary.
In the current form, several of the customizable fields such as gear type, mesh size, and target species are saved in memory and automatically filled in during later use.
At the very bottom of the view (the most right phone image) user can add one or more photos (videos are also supported) and leave a comment.
Assisted Species Selection
Catch, discard and bycatch can be registered in Mofi with assisted species selection.

The species list can be visualized as a grid or a list displaying the species name, code, and image.

You can search for a specific species name or species code.

Additionally, you can filter species list by category, such as mammals, birds, rays, etc. as shown in the example.
Endangered Species Overview
Mofi provides an endangered species overview page, to assist fishermen in more accurately identifying their bycatch. This view shows more detailed information about selected species and additional images, if available. By clicking on any image, users may see it in full-screen mode.
Furthermore, the fisher can utilize the information on this screen to determine how to handle a particular species if they catch it.
Species' information, displayed on this view can be easily modified or updated to fit the needs of each fishing zone.
Data Transfer
Depending on the requirements of the use case, the Mofi application offers choices for sending gathered data to one or more endpoint locations. Both required and optional endpoints are supported.
We offer direct data transfer into the Black Box Analyzer ecosystem for data review and analysis purposes.
Users can check the data transfer status in the Transfer List view.
Map Layers
Mofi supports shape files for map overlays. In this example, the green color on the map depicts the area in German waters with a water depth of less than 20 meters.
The purpose of such a map layer is for the fishers to prove, they are fishing within the allowed area.
If the user comes too close to the border of the green area (where fishing is allowed), a warning is shown on the screen.
If the fisher crosses the line, rendering the vessel outside the allowed area, a red full-screen message is shown instead, stating the user is now outside the area.
Mofi & Pelagic fisheries
The latest addition to Mofi app is the Catch Composition Registry, better known as the sampling app, designed for pelagic fisheries to more easily assess their catch composition.
Trip Data
Catch unloading type and bucket weight can be selected on a Trip view.

Mofi will automatically generate the Samples page based on the provided data.

For this specific example, the user is required to provide the logbook number associated with the electronic logbook registry.
On the Samples view users must enter the catch date and time (filled in automatically, can be modified), the total haul weight, and the sample data (species and weight). Image files and comments can also be added but are not mandatory.
Depending on the trip information, this view will automatically display the minimum number of samples required to measure for a current haul as well as the minimum required weight for each sample. The status of the sample's completion is displayed through color and icon indicators, seen in the pictures above.
eLog view presents the catch distribution table and values required for electronic logbook entries. It also provides a general catch data overview of the current haul.
Sampling View
  • Add new Trips
  • Review and edit Trip data
  • Download Trip Data Reports (PDF)
  • Send data to the cloud
  • Download previous Trip data from the cloud
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