BlackBox Analyzer
View & Analyze Data
A strong data presentation system designed for BlackBox data.
View fishing trips, fishing positions, sensor values, vessel information and much more.
Define rules
Flags can be raised by the system when vessels enter certain areas, exceed local speed limits or fish outside normal fishing hours.
Rules can be added and defined directly through the user interface.
Search for trips
Search for fishing trips within given time spans and filter trips by area.
View and analyze several trips at the same time (utilizing built in map and graph component).
Key features
Vessel list
View a list of all vessels in the system and see when data was uploaded last.
Alarm list
View a list of raised alarms and take proper action based on alarm severity.
Automatic trip estimation
Fishing trip start and stop positions are automatically estimated during data upload.
Stunning map overview
Fast, responsive, and exact 3D map for trip visualization and analysis.
Import of map layers
Easy and fast import of map layers (shape files and raster images are fully supported).
Detailed Graph overview
Visualize sensor values on graphs and combine with geographical map data.
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