Black Box Analyzer now features Video On Demand and sharing of video measuring grids.

Black Box Analyzer 3.5 is out and is more customizable than ever with server synchronized user settings and the posibility of sharing video measuring grids with all users. The main features of the new release include:

  • Video On Demand (VID): Order or re-order video files to be sent (wirelessly) to land from the vessel directly from within the analyzer software. Simply open a trip, select the video files in the graph to be transferred to shore and click the request button in the context menu. The Black Box system on the vessel will transfer any requested video files at first possible opportunity (typically when within wireless range).
  • Edit the graph time cursor directly and jump to a specific timestamp when analyzing a trip.
  • Achieve consistent and precise video measuring results by sharing carefully defined measuring grids with all users on the server.
  • Customize the Analyzer once and see the changes synchronize to all Black Box Analyzer work stations - user settings are now synchronized with the server!
  • More video playback shortcuts are added enabling shortcuts for all video playback speeds.
  • Use the new Live View data transfer counter and keep an eye on data usage during a Live View session.
  • The map now supports shapefiles larger than 20MB.