BlackBox Analyzer 3.0 is out and ships in both 32-bit and 64-bit

We are excited to announce that a new major version of BlackBox Analyzer is out that includes many new amazing features.

To top this off, the Analyzer also now ships in a 64-bit version that makes data analysis and video playback smoother than ever!

The new release includes the following main features:

  • Load several trips into the same graph and view/analyze several trips at the same time.
  • Resize/Reorganize video feeds and create custom layouts that can be saved per user per vessel.
  • Estimate fishing activities automatically by 'speed and winch data' or 'speed data' only.
  • Register full fishing operations, gear in, and gear out activitites.
  • Add/Edit user roles and have full control over the role-based security component.
  • A new trips list have been added to the start view listing data where vessels are out at sea.
  • Filter events, trips, alarms, and notes by specific vessels.
  • Export sensor and annotation data in UTC and local time.
  • View system status logs directly in the graph.
  • Video upload and data retrieval has been refactored and significantly optimized.